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Picture for category Parts for F1P models

Parts for F1P models

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Picture of Powerplant kit F1P

Powerplant kit F1P

Power plant kit F1P based on Fora motor
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Picture of Stabilizer For F1P

Stabilizer For F1P

Stabilizer For F1P
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Picture of SIDUS Timer V4.3 (Restored)

SIDUS Timer V4.3 (Restored)

Restored after the repair of the SIDUS V4.3 timer
Picture of Li-Po BATTERY 750mAh

Li-Po BATTERY 750mAh

The Li-po battery guarantees the stability of the SIDUS electronic timer. The battery is modified and adapted specifically for timer models of the F1C and F1P class, which use an electronic timer SIDUS with 1 servo.
Picture of Button with hall sensor

Button with hall sensor

Start button with built-in hall sensor for models of class F1C, F1P, F1Q. Mounting holes M2. The total weight of the button is 2.4 grams.
Picture of Hitec HS-65HB Servo Drive

Hitec HS-65HB Servo Drive

The most suitable servo for models of the F1C, F1P, F1Q class with an electronic timer, as well as for glider models. It is equipped with long-lasting and strong carbon gears, which have shown themselves especially well when working in conditions of high vibration.