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Digital Inclinometer SSM

Manufacturer: SSM
The “Digital Inclinometer” is designed to measure the absolute and relative angles of the load-bearing surfaces for aircraft models of FAI classes: F1A, F1B, F1C, F1H, F1G, F1P, F1Q. It can be used in any other classes of aircraft models. Designed and manufactured by Special Sport Models LLC (SSM ™️ ) in 2021.
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Digital Inclinometer SSM

1 year warranty from the date of sale


Designed to measure the absolute and relative angles of the bearing planes of aircraft models

Table 1 (characteristics):


Inclinometer on a calibrated carbon fiber plate

12 grams

Additional carbon fiber plate

14.5 grams


Inclinometer on a calibrated carbon fiber plate

20mm x 140mm

Additional carbon fiber plate

20mm x 215 mm

Built-in battery voltage:

3.3 V– 4.2 V

Built-in battery capacity:

65 mAh

Minimum charge current:

100мА 1

Measurement range of the longitudinal angle of inclination:

-90° + 90°

The price of dividing the angle of inclination measurements:


Measurement error 2





Measuring range of ambient temperature

-25°C +65°C

All-time work in full charge:

Within 6 hours 3

Automatic shutdown time:

5 minutes

1-Use a USB-micro cable for charging. The charging process is indicated by a red LED.

2 – With a minimum transverse tilt of the device.

3-Provided that the battery is in good condition, there are no extremely low temperatures and the display backlight is turned off. The discharged state of the battery will be indicated by double blinking of the LED.

Method of using the goniometer

The maximum accuracy of the longitudinal angle measurements is achieved with zero transverse inclination of the device. The value of the transverse tilt of the device is symbolically displayed on the right side of the display in the form of a slider. When the value is zero, the slider is stretched out and is located in the middle of the screen. When the transverse angle is increased, the slider moves to one of the corners of the display and becomes round.

When the device moves in space, the angle icon " ° " changes its shape. Being in a stationary state for a few seconds, the icon becomes round and stops changing its shapes . This indicates the stabilization of the device readings.

To measure the slope relative to a non-zero angle, it is necessary to reset the readings by bringing the magnet to the area of the Hall sensor, or start the zeroing procedure. In this case, the main readings will be equal to 0.00, and the absolute angle readings will appear in small font in the lower right corner. A short press on the button resets the readings to absolute relative to the gravitational vector of the Earth.

Calibration of the gyroscope

After starting the gyroscope calibration procedure, it is necessary to put the device on an immovable flat surface for 10 seconds. The progress of the procedure will be shown on the display as a percentage.

Calibration of angular isotropy

After starting the gyroscope calibration procedure, it is necessary to put the device on an immovable flat surface for 10 seconds. When the values of the longitudinal and transverse angles begin to appear on the display, it is necessary to bring the magnet to the Hall sensor and hold it for 10 seconds. At the same time, a disk will appear in the upper-right corner of the screen. After measuring the values in the first position, it is necessary to turn the device exactly 180° and repeat the measurement procedure.