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Picture of Pouch for RDT button AERIS

Pouch for RDT button AERIS

Soft neoprene pouch for RDT button AERIS
Picture of Micro LiPo charger

Micro LiPo charger

Micro LiPo charger (microUSB input)
Picture of Tachometer «Tacho2»

Tachometer «Tacho2»

The acoustic tachometer «Tacho2» is designed and manufactured specifically for aircraft models of F1C and F1P types, and can be used for other aircraft models types with combustion engine. 1 year warranty from sale date
Picture of Digital Inclinometer SSM

Digital Inclinometer SSM

The “Digital Inclinometer” is designed to measure the absolute and relative angles of the load-bearing surfaces for aircraft models of FAI classes: F1A, F1B, F1C, F1H, F1G, F1P, F1Q. It can be used in any other classes of aircraft models. Designed and manufactured by Special Sport Models LLC (SSM ™️ ) in 2021.
Picture of SIDUS Wireless Programmer F1C 1S

SIDUS Wireless Programmer F1C 1S

Designed and manufactured specifically for SIDUS timers. Compatible with SIDUS timers: V4. 2, 4.3, 4.5, 4.7.
Picture of Li-Po BATTERY 750mAh

Li-Po BATTERY 750mAh

The Li-po battery guarantees the stability of the SIDUS electronic timer. The battery is modified and adapted specifically for timer models of the F1C and F1P class, which use an electronic timer SIDUS with 1 servo.