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To dealers

Become our dealer!

We invite to cooperation of regional dealers and modeling shops in all territory of Ukraine and Russia.

If you have something from the following:

- availability of a site of aviation subject or shop;

- own printing edition of aviation subject;

- or the desire to cooperate with us is simple,

- the schemes of work fulfilled in practice with dealers,
- ensuring operational handling of orders and the goods delivery across Ukraine and Russia,
- interesting prices,
- flexible system of discounts,
- payment system convenient for client,
- an individual approach to clients,
- technical and advertizing support,
- free consultations,
- warranty and after-guarantee service.

To receive more detailed information on this matter, please, call by us by phone: +380983209046, or fill a form for feedback with your offers. We with pleasure will consult you and we will answer all questions

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