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The company “Special Scale Models” brings to your attention huge park of breadboard models the aviation and other technicians produced under the order, and as radio-controlled models for fans and real masters!

Company production shares on some categories:

Breadboard models:

- Breadboard models-copies of planes, helicopters, the ships, submarines, boats, architectural breadboard models of buildings and constructions, engines and the separate units intended for exhibitions and various presentations, for collectors and as an ornament of any solid office, whether it be airline or the enterprise for motor transport sale;:

- Exclusive models of planes and helicopters for airlines, the airports, exhibitions, the enterprises, etc.

- Office and gift models (on floor, wall and desktop supports) in the set scale and a coloring.

- Suvenirno-gift.

At will of the customer to be made models with demonstration of an interior of salon, mechanization of a wing and the chassis with imitation of work of aeronavigation fires (ANO), engines, other lighting means.

Radio-controlled model aircrafts:

- Radio-controlled models of a copy of planes - sets with DVS and elektro;

- Radio-controlled models of a copy of planes - sets with TRD and elektro;

- Training radio-controlled planes with DVS and elektro;

- Radio-controlled models of planes - sets with DVS and elektro;

- Radio-controlled models of planes - ARF with DVS and elektro;

- Radio-controlled impeller models of planes.

We offer all flying models of planes to the customer in two variants:

1) Kit sets;

2) Completely collected models ready to flight completed with the necessary equipment.

Accessories and materials for aviamodelling:

- Equipments and accessories for R/C models of planes and helicopters;

- Raw materials and materials for manufacturing and repair of models;

- Guarantee and service;

- Training to piloting R/C models.

Introduction of the newest technologies of designing high-quality products in min. allow to create terms.All operating products are blown in virtual wind tunnels at a design stage, for prevention of errors for aerodynamics of models. At the same stage all power elements are tested on durability.

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