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Only on our site you can buy from us model aircrafts and pay in their various ways through the Internet and through systems of remittances. 

Electronic payments are spent instantly. To pay through the Internet it it is convenient, quickly and reliably.

All orders for manufacturing of models are spent through the official CONTRACT!

Purchase of models or accessories in our Internet shop can be paid any next in the way:

Before payment contact our manager and specify presence of the goods and a method of payment.

In the note to specify order number, Name, contact phone. 

1. To pay a credit card, cards Visa/Mastercard 
2. To pay on webmoney 
3. To pay through branch of any bank, the clearing settlement
4. To pay through PrivatMoney, Western Union, MoneyGram, Praveks Telegraph

1. To pay a credit card, cards Visa/Mastercard.................................................  ..............

You can pay the goods by means of payment card Visa/Mastercard, without leaving the house or office. 

Payment by credit cards - service which allows you to make purchases in a mode of real time and according to requirements of the international standard of safety of Internet payments 3-D Securе, accepted international the payment systems Visa Int. And MasterCard Int. Input of requisites of payment cards is carried out STRICTLY on the protected server of bank and exclusively personally by the BUYER.

The multibank system of payments on plastic and virtual cards through the Internet is used, allowing in real time to make authorization and processing of transactions - LiqPay. (PrivatBank)

The commission for transfer - is absent.
Payment of the goods is made very simply and safely, with use of technology OTP (One-time password). After input of number of a mobile phone, to you the SMS with the disposable dynamic password comes. Having entered this password you confirm operation fulfillment.

Requisites for payment by credit cards through

Phone number: +380684695204

Attention! The list of types of the cards which are subject to reception for payment: VISA or MASTERCARD, emitted by any bank and not having restrictions on fulfillment of Internet transactions.


2. To pay on webmoney                                                                                           . 
You also can pay the goods by means of payment system Webmoney.

For payment use the form on the right»

In a case if at payment there was an error, you can carry out payment in a manual mode. In the field "Note" specify order number, FIO, phone.

Requisites for payment on Webmoney:
WMID: 299016101517 
WMU: U177276315584 (grivnas) 
WMZ: Z356591312923 (dollars) 

3. To pay through branch of any bank, the clearing settlement                          .

Payment is possible through any bank of Ukraine.

At payment, money arrives on our settlement account in a current of one working day.

Requisites for payment in Privatbank:
4130514061864356 UAH Krasjuk Maxim


 Payment is possible through any bank of Ukraine.

Requisites for payment in BMB:

4261420000738266 USD Krasjuk Maxim

2620601511200 RUB Krasjuk Maxim


On the enterprise settlement account:

SPD Sauljak of Century of M.

Bank of the Addressee: KRD «Rajffajzen Bank Aval», Simferopol

The settlement account № 260074227

MFO: 324021


Payment function: Advertising breadboard models of planes, Name, contact phone.

At payment, money arrives on our settlement account in a current of 3-5 bank days.


4. To pay through PrivatMoney, Western Union, MoneyGram, Praveks Telegraph                .


.      ...                  . Delivery                                                                  . 

The way and delivery cost is discussed with the customer at the order coordination.

We recommend delivery by the state mail. It is the cheapest and reliable way of delivery.

At will of the customer we send orders mail EMS, DHL, Autolux or the courier


It is necessary to consider that delivery cost isn't included in the price of the goods. Calculation of cost of transfer and an order overall cost is made by the manager.

Delivery is carried out in time:

- If the got goods are available in our Internet shop and term of shipment from 3 till 10 working daysdoesn't demand completions or manufacturing.

- If the got goods are made to order (exclusive breadboard models, radio-controlled models, gift models or souvenirs) manufacturing term is underlined at contract drawing up, and can vary from 3 days till 5 months from the date of advance payment reception for the given goods, depending on complexity and order volume.


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