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New flight model of a class F - 3-A

This year one of the first innovations of our firm is absolutely new flight model of a class F - 3-A! After many years of production of very popular flight EXTREME model, we decided to put on the market the updated version which name meanwhile yet didn't think up. Even the word "updated" somehow doesn't approach in this case, after all the model turned out absolutely another, more volume, strict, and adapted mainly under electro option though we meanwhile don't exclude DVS installation option. In new model wishes of our many buyers and as access to the motor and accumulators for simpler installation, replacement and servicing is improved were considered. The wing area is reduced, narrowing for bigger stability is changed in case of a lateral wind. The wing and stabilizer profile, the resistance directed on increase and controllability of model on small speeds is changed.

ALREADY ON SALE! The first customers already received models and appreciated them!


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