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Radio-controlled model aircraft "Vzhik"

The radio-controlled VZhIK model (flying wing) - perhaps one of the most popular and irreplaceable model aircrafts as for a beginner, so for the experienced aeromodeller! The model in the Ufa hobby club "the Free Wind" was developed and made for the first time.

The model remarkably is suitable for training and acquisition of skills of management by radio-controlled model aircrafts and it is simple for rest. Doesn't require big platforms for flight. Take-off can be made from hands, it is possible as well as to sit down simply in hands! It is very practical, since it is made of rubberized polyfoam which is steady against blows that does model almost "not killed".

Technical characteristics:

Scope of model - 970 mm;

Weight of empty model - 110 grams;

Weight of the completed model (flight) - 530 grams.

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