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The instruction to the timer BeSt-F1A

The short description of work with the electronic timer Best-F1A

(the version on 4 machines with the Re-Latch and Magic Hook function)

Main terms and concepts:

The timer is held for use it in class F1 models instead of mechanical devices similar to destination. The timer allows to 31 times for one flight to make changes to setup of provisions of steering surfaces of model. For motor models the timer can manage operation of the engine (electromodel) or switch off it according to the program.

The timer allows to establish from 1st (Servo) to the 4th steering machines according to the program written down in it in in advance described provisions, through in advance described intervals of time (Int).

DT (determalisation) – interruption of flight of model.

The timer can work together with the Radio DT receiver.

Attention! Correct installation of number of a step of the program containing team for DT is necessary when using Alternative DT, Radio DT and for the correct calculation of time of flight.

It is recommended to put a line with the DT team the last line of the program of planning flight (Glide steps Settings), except cases when it is necessary to execute still any manipulations with steering machines after operation of a line with the DT team.

Time is established in seconds. Maximum value of a time frame of 1320 seconds.

Accuracy of installation of time – 0,02 seconds.

Accuracy of installation of the machine - its 1/256 courses.

The line item 127-128 corresponds to a neutral provision of the steering machine.

Line items 127-0 correspond to provisions of the steering machine in one party from a neutral, a situation 127-255 – in another.

One line of the program – a step (Step).

Quantity of lines in programs and subprogrammes to 31 (total – 36 lines), except cases described separately.

Alternative DT – in case of the put-on crossing point on the Timer – final time of flight will be equal to its alternative value. It can be, both it is more, and it is less than time specified in the flight program (in Glide steps Settings).

Attention! The minimum value of Alternative DT makes 0, and the maximum 1320 seconds.

Programs of flight can remain on the Palm under names which the user gives them and/or to register in the Timer for the subsequent execution.

Record of the new program in the Timer automatically DELETES the previous program. (Keep in the file on the Palm all significant programs for you under different and clear to you names).

Regular start – the program of regular start (Bunt steps Settings) starts to be carried out in case of an open latch of a hook and NOT approach of time of the beginning of Automatic start at the moment of a withdrawal of a hook from a forward situation.

Automatic start (Auto Start) consists of the 2nd parts. The first part (Auto Start Part 1) starts to be carried out in case of an open latch of a hook on start and APPROACH of time of the beginning of Automatic start without a withdrawal of a hook from a forward situation. The second part (Auto Start Part 2) starts to work or upon termination of the first part of Automatic start, or in любо

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