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The press about our prototypes

Qualitatively made model aircrafts and prototypes of planes always draw attention and it would be desirable to consider them closer. Many have directly a number of questions: { = "img" url = "5 001.jpg" width = "100" captionText = "" class = "img right" } {/highslide } "As is made by highslide type this model aircraft?", "Who does such surprising prototypes?", "Where to order production of a mock airplane, a helicopter or other equipment?", { highslide type = "img" url = "7 001.jpg" width = "100" captionText = "" class = "img left" } {/highslide } "That such in general prototyping and how ideas and prototype tasks in amount are implemented?" . By certainly such questions should be set both periodicals and magazines of aviation subject, having seen on expositions and aircraft exhibitions prototypes or radio-controlled model aircrafts of our production during an indicative air show. Having a little understood that that a model aircraft choice - not short case, publishers decided to drip more deeply in the direction of model skill and aviamodelling as a whole. In a consequence of that on pages of some magazines and editions articles about prototypes { highslide type = "img" url = "1 001.jpg" width = "100" captionText = "" class = "img right" } {/highslide } and model aircrafts of ours of firm started to appear to help airlines, to aircraft factories, design offices, collectors and aeromodellers { highslide type = "img" url = "4 001.jpg" width = "100" captionText = "" class = "img left" } {/highslide } is better to understand a choice of the necessary aircraft model or a helicopter, it is correct to determine purpose of a prototype, thereby saving money (after all cost of model can strongly differ from basic cost depending on the specification of the customer, detailing level and so forth).

In this section we represent you some periodicals in which articles about our prototypes and firm as a whole were published. Long time our firm cooperated with publishing house "Messenger of Air Fleet", { highslide type = "img" url = "10 001.jpg" width = "100" captionText = "" class = "img right" } {/highslide } which in turn published our new prototypes on pages of the magazine and in every possible way highslide type = to "img" url = "2 001.jpg" to width = "100" captionText = "" to class = to "img left" } {/highslide } helped customers { to contact us and to receive a place in queue on production of exclusive prototypes of planes and helicopters for large aviation exhibitions and presentations. Today it was replaced by the magazine "Wings of Baltic", having published in number devoted to an aircraft exhibition "Interaerokom" article about us.

We are always glad to cooperation with magazines of aviation subjects and with pleasure we will present all interesting information on prototyping and aviamodelling. Address!

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