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History of our firm

All know that anything doesn't happen immediately, especially in one day the entities, even the smallest aren't created. Everything begins with small, and the main thing with idea. { highslide type = "img" url = "boeing model.jpg" width = "100" captionText = "" class = "img right" } {/highslide } So occurred and to us. In 1994 there was an idea about manual production of exclusive prototypes of planes for airlines and fans. Having made the first aircraft model (at that time it there was a prototype of Yak-52 on the scale of 1:32), { highslide type = "img" url = "52.jpg" width = "100" captionText = "" class = "img left" } {/highslide } we ran on all familiar pilots, stewardesses, flight controlers etc., with the offer купуть this model. To our surprise model took away very quickly and there was a requirement in prototypes of other planes in different scale. So making one by one an aircraft type, { highslide type = "img" url = "boeing 737-800 maket 10.jpg" width = "100" captionText = "" class = "img right" } {/highslide } accumulated huge base of matrixes, equipments, practices, etc. that further allowed to make prototypes with high speed and excellent quality. Serial orders from major airlines forced us on development of the new production technology of prototypes and on purchase of the modern equipment that allowed us to make further models any tirazhy.

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