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Large-scale models – one of the best instruments of advertiz

Large-scale models – one of the best instruments of advertizing.

Today large-scale prototypes of planes and helicopters is more than simply toy.

For modern business huge value has the first impression made on the prospective client. Therefore many firms, various fields of activity, spend huge amounts of money for advertizing, image and registration of the offices is final. The separate priority direction of an advertizing campaign of firms are various exhibitions and expositions.

For firms, the entities and the organizations, whose activities are connected with aircraft exact large-scale models copies of planes or helicopters can become irreplaceable attribute of an interior of offices, an excellent advertizing exhibit of exhibitions, such MAX, etc., or an excellent gift for business partners and VIP-clients.

Model aircrafts differ on the sizes (scale), coloring, disaggregation etc. All types of large-scale models can be divided into the following categories, considering their appointment:

- souvenir prototypes are, as a rule, small models, the size to 20 see at the length, established on a desktop support.
- gift prototypes are models of a little bigger size, than souvenir with possibility of production of model both on a desktop support, and on the chassis.

- office prototypes are average and large-scale aircraft model on desktop, floor or wall supports.

- exhibition prototypes are exclusive aircraft model or helicopters executed with the highest accuracy and quality with imitation of work of landing fires, ANO, engines and other aggregates. Exhibition prototypes of planes, as a rule imitate not only appearance of a prototype, but also an internal situation of salon, a cabin, cargo sections etc.

1) Perfectly executed model of the modern plane or a helicopter should simply cause desires to rise on a prototype in air and to take pleasure in feeling of flight!
2) Demonstration of salon of the plane is a trump of any aviaproducer which is visible only from within the plane!

3) Qualitatively executed gift or souvenir aircraft models is an excellent advertizing of your airline or the entity which won't jump out, as the advertizing booklet or the business card, and will stand on a type and to remind of you. And having placed contact information by the plane or on a support, the client never will lose with you communication.

Therefore model aircrafts is a fine advertizing for your business!

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